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Into The Wild Trading Co.

Western Skies

Western Skies

The second I found this seashell it was instantly my favorite and I had to much inspiration! The shell is amazing with both visual & 3 dimensional texture!

Paired with natural turquoise x paura x Herkimer diamonds x hand picked Hawaiian Puka shells x pearls on a stunning 14kt gold filled large link chain.

This chain is soooo nice! I didn’t hand make it but it is quality  

About This EMPTY* Shell: a RARE Oahu find!! The nussatella cone is a species of predatory cone snail.

It lives in reefs of the tropics and hunts small fish. While all cone snails hunt and kill prey using venom, the venom of conus geographus is potent enough to kill humans


* NO SHELL IS EVER TAKEN IF IT IS A HOME. I only collect empty shells. 

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