Customer Reviews

Jessie Vigne

"I have bought (ahem) several pieces of jewelry from Kelsey and am always SO excited to receive it! Such wonderful designs that are creative and beautiful! Great craftsmanship and I always look forward to what she comes up with! (although my bank account says otherwise) Definitely my favorite jewelry designer to shop from!"


Samantha Mahaffey 

"A few months ago, my beloved pug, Ruby, passed away suddenly. I knew that I wanted some kind of memorial jewelry piece to honor her. I looked in many places, but I wasn't able to find anything that really felt right. I had met Kelsey a few months prior after purchasing one of her pieces in an auction, so I asked her if she could create something in Ruby's honor. She listened to my ideas and was so easy to work with. She created a piece that is a beautiful tribute to my girl Ruby that is comfortable to wear and is unique and sustainable. I highly recommend Kelsey for anyone who wants nature inspired jewelry that is just as beautiful as it is functional."


- Samantha Friday

Custom Necklace:
Took my tiny shed and created a beautiful and unique necklace I know no one will have. Was very conscientious about what I wanted.

Custom Lariat Necklace:
Took her signature lariat burr necklace and gave it a little twist with the pink tourmaline stones. Very happy this simple necklace as it’s so versatile.“

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