Custom Design Services

”You make the memories, I make the mementos”

Want to send in your memorabilia to become a cherished memento?
I would love to work with you in designing a custom piece. I look forward to hearing from you and the story behind your memorabilia.

  * Grab Your Bench Ticket *


** to browse the designs available for horsehair jewelry, please visit the Equestrian Collection or click here **

Your Basic Deposit/bench ticket-
A $75 non-refundable deposit is required per every 2 custom designs.                
This is negotiable pending very specific guidelines.

Your $75 deposit will be applied toward your total balance upon completion. Total will be due upon completion and agreement of design & before shipment. 

You may provide budget guidelines or let me have free-reign on designing your piece. It is completely up to you how you would like to tailor your commission. 

You MUST pay the custom order deposit before I will begin the design process, assembling your piece or even get you on the custom order list. Waitlist times vary, so be sure to inquire.

There are no exceptions to the deposit.

*Layaway and payment plans available upon request.


For more about sending in your horsehair for Horsehair Tribute Pieces, CLICK HERE ! (and any other hair memento jewellery)

*If you have a bracelet that fits just right and would like to use that measurement, please n note at checkout that you DO NOT WANT SLACK ADDED.


Last but not least; Welcome! Below is a small excerpt from my bio. Click here to catch the full Vibe. 💜

ITWco.® art is for those who still have that wild soul. The hopeful kind. The spirit of freedom and the appreciation for the land we sow on. ITWco.® Is inspired by the winding creeks of the salt marsh and breath taking beach sunsets. The sound of the morning waking up in the pines and the serenity of a flooded hardwood bottom. A hike through the beautiful mountains and a Sunday drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The feeling of wholeness and peace we get when we are still and quiet - surrounded by God’s amazing creation.

At ITWco.® we help the tales to live on ~ and that means something. Whether it’s a bird that has migrated thousands of miles or a buck that has seen 7 years of the rugged, wild world. Everything is sustainably sourced- nothing is harvested solely for personal gain as jewelry/art.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle