Horsehair Tribute Pieces

Horsehair Tribute Pieces follow the same deposit guidelines as any other commission. _____

Once the deposit is paid, your place in line is set & Kelsey will reach out to you within 24 hours.


Clipping your horsehair: Please clip from inside end of tail bone and rubber band both ends. .5” diameter for all horsehair bracelets, as long as clipping will allow. Please do not wash or knot the hair. Secure it in a zip lock bag and mail it to the address provided by Kelsey. All remaining horsehair will be returned unless you would like to keep it on file for the future.

Your wrist measurement: I will need you to take a string and wrap it snug around your wrist - then measure the string. I will add the necessary slack.

Engraving Option: up to 10 letters

If you have a bracelet that is the perfect length, that would be ok to send in as a measurement. Please let me know you would not like slack added.



Horsehair Tassel + Aquamarine Necklace

Horsehair Tassel + Aquamarine Custom Set

Horsehair Tassel + Labradorite + Compass Rose Necklace

Horsehair + Hematite + Necklace w/ fox charm option

Custom Horsehair Tassel + Jade + Sterling Necklace


Custom Horsehair Tassel Earrings


The Bark Jack Custom Horsehair Bracelet  + charms

The Barn Jack Horsehair Bracelet

The Bellamy Horsehair Bracelet

Horsehair + Antique Sterling Spoon Custom Bracelet

• Water Buffalo Leather + Horsehair Custom Cuff Bracelet + charms

Water Buffalo Leather + Horsehair Cuff Bracelet


Custom Horsehair Bag Charm / Key Chain

Please email/text your order number, engraving option, and wrist measurement to the contacts below if you do not include them at checkout. You will then receive our PO Box # to send in your hair.
Kelsey Miles Hunt / Jewelry Artist