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Into The Wild Trading Co.

Lora’s Art Photography & Scripture Healing Books

Lora’s Art Photography & Scripture Healing Books

Two amazing books created by Lora; an Artful pairing of her best photographs & powerful healing scriptures.

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🎀 breast cancer awareness 🎀

It is with a heavy heart that we are coming to all of you with this. One of my best friends & an ITWco. Ambassadors Lora Gene Young has been rediagnosed with cancer. If any of you have been through this or know a loved one who has, you know the immense toll it takes on the patient, in ALL aspects.

Lora was a free lance hunting guide in New Zealand. Without medical insurance and as a single young woman, this medical journey has been the kind that not only makes a warrior out of you, but depletes you of everything, from finances to friends.

What we know so far is that the cancer has moved to her bones in her spine, hips and ribs. Right now, because her bones are so brittle and she is in so much pain, the only form of exercise she can do without immense pain is in the swimming pool (ie swimming items).

Lora is the most generous and kindhearted person you could meet & i hope right now ladies we can ban together to support Lora!

I have asked her to make an Amazon Registry of everything she NEEDS to fight this battle. I’m asking with the most sincerity I can muster; PLEASE consider helping her carry this burden.

Prayers and sharing these posts helps just as much as any monetary funds.

Xoxo, the team 💋



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