2023 ITWco. Ambassador Search

2023 ITWco. Ambassador Search

Hey there! And welcome!

I am searching for 2 new ambassadors for the 2023 Amby Term! This term lasts 6-12 months!


Ambassadors are basically ITWco  enthusiasts who are willing to share their love for ITWco.  
Ambassadors get a hefty discount for themselves and a discount for their friends along with all kinds of little signing bonuses such as $150 towards your first purchase or even 50% off one order! Ambassadors have the potential to sell our pieces in retail locations, collecting a percentage. Ambassadors collect a commission from every piece you sell.  

In return I’ll need you to stay active on my social media pages, write reviews when you purchase pieces and basically help me promote my brand in a non-invasive, non-salesman way. :) I just want genuine interaction and sharing.

If you’re interested ; Please email itwtradingco@gmail.com with why you think you would be a great team member. 

Thank you and much love. 


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