Lahaina, Maui Fire Support

Lahaina, Maui Fire Support

follow along as we get hands on with Lahaina restoration efforts. See the real needs of the people and how your donations are helping. i am now fundraising to travel to Lahaina and put my boots on the ground to help. 

If you donate money, please donate directly to the people. You can find their page on insta here: (


I have started forging & selling some little bracelets to raise money to fly over and help where there are needs soon. The Road To Lahaina Support bracelets are 14k gold filled (1 step under solid gold. No tarnish by nature of the metal) and sterling. The link to buy one for $25 or 2 for $40 is here: . All proceeds from the bracelets will go to ITWco. Lahaina Fund

Our fund is on cashapp if you wish to make a donation that way is — $lahainafund

So far ITWco. has donated $500 to Inspire church and bought $200 in plane tickets for those who needed.

Please continue to follow along. As I start using these funds for Lahaina, I will be posting blog posts so we can all stay involved. I am praying over these funds and will not be throwing them around without intention. I want to be intentional about how we help - as I have from the very beginning. The funds we raise will go directly to the people. I will not be donating to any major organizations at this time. I will be sponsoring families directly, once I speak to them in person and find out the Long term needs. Follow my social media stories or check back here to see the journey of traveling over.
If you’re interested in helping in any way, please pray first and foremost. Please also consider donating directly to one of the families in the link above. If you need a point of contact to donate- please reach out (

Thank you for being here. Please check back for updates soon.


I don’t think theorizing without evidence will do anyone any good. We are here & all we can do is come together ASIDE FROM THE CORRUPT GOV and use our common sense. We need each other now more than ever. ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

Love y’all.


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